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From May 24 to June 1* 2024 We are going to Greece to participate in the HELLAS RALLY with Pedrega Team. We want you to join us!


So, we have prepared a series ofassistance packs (with early payment registration to the rally of €900 included*) and motorcycle shipment to Greece to have everything you need and live this experience with complete peace of mind, feeling like a true professional pilot.


It will be the opportunity to compete with the support of an expert racing assistance team such asPedrega Team behind.


The Hellas Rally is already a well-known rally at a European level, which takes place through the wonderful landscapes and forests of Greece. An event that has also caused a stir due to its wide level of motorcycle participants, both at a professional and amateur level, being able to sign up in different categories depending on the motorcycle and its displacement (Trail, Maxi trail or enduro).


It will be 7 days of racing told an initial prologue, where each one will squeeze the mechanics at their level, testing theroadbook navigation for more than1,700 km with a route of 90% off-road.


The level will be set by each one with their own pace of running and navigation.


And some of you will wonderAm I ready to compete? Do I need something special?...

As many of you already know, many competitions that in the past were only reserved for enduro motorcycles, are currently opening up specific categories with the rise of Trail, taking into account twin-cylinder, heavier motorcycles (trail and maxi-trail categories) and bringing this type of race to a more amateur public with somewhat more flexible regulations regarding the level of equipment and preparation of the motorcycles.


With a medium off-road level and accustomed to accumulating km on the motorcycle, enduro gear, adequate protections and an approved helmet, we will be able to compete without problem.


If you want to try the competition with your trail bike or you want to go to a more professional level, this is your opportunity.

It will be important to make a good check list of spare parts that you may need. With all this we will be at your side for any questions.


You can ask us without obligation on the web, social networks or by phone.



Are you going to miss it?



*Provisional dates in the absence of officiality by the organization.


*Registration to the €900 event may vary. In case of modification by the organization, the participant will be informed of the change and the consequent final amount.


VAT Included
    • Transportation of motorcycle, luggage, spare parts and tools. The material will be delivered to Pedregà Team warehouse.
    • Asesoramiento mecánico.
    • Hospitality con café y snacks.
    • Servicio de vivac Pedregà Team: Carpas, mesas, bancos, luz, ducha con agua caliente y WC.
    • 9 noches de hotel en habitación individual a media pensión.
    • Inscripción al rally (900€)+ seguro de competición.
    • Promoción en redes sociales.
    • Entrevistas diarias para enviar a los sponsors y medios de comunicación. Pack fotográfico.
    • Gestión de vuelos, hoteles e inscripción.
    • * Posibilidad de contratar horas de mecánico y fisioterapeuta. Precio a consultar


Do not miss any of our activities.

Welcome rider.

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